Our Mission

A decentralised commerce alternative.

Founded in 2013, payever´s mission is to challenge the status quo on behalf of small and medium sized businesses against commerce giants. We do this by providing anything that is needed to run a successful business: Online Shop and Point of Sale systems, Payment, Marketing, Shipping or Communication solutions. We start where others stop with the ultimate goal to free commerce.

Nuestra Historia

  • 2013
    Artur Schlaht and Viktor Butsch founded payever while in University.
    After realizing that commerce giants dominate how we buy and sell everyday - Artur and Viktor decided to leave University to begin solving the problem of the modern consumer/retailer experience for the next generation. They built and combined simple, powerful selling tools for businesses to offer the best buying experience for their customers.
    payever Founders
  • 2014
    payever joins the Microsoft Accelerator in Berlin where Satya Nadella himself welcomed the selected few.
    Microsoft Ventures is a prestigious accelerator that connects promising startups with Microsoft’s resourceful network and provides a mentorship program to enable fast and successful growth for its participants. This was the first step in payever’s growth.
    payever Founders

    Microsoft Ventures Berlin

    Mashup Batch #2

  • 2015
    Europe’s largest seed investor High-Tech Gründerfonds invests in payever.
    payever continued its growth by acquiring an investment from High-Tech Gründerfonds, an investment capital firm focused on investing in high potential tech startups. This was an important step for payever given Gründerfonds’ expertise and resources (€886 million in total assets)
    payever reaches 500 merchants
    payever Founders
  • 2016
    payever announces world’s first E-commerce operating system.
    payever’s founder and CEO made a demonstration in Finovate London 2016, a fintech conference, of its newly developed OS and modular apps, enabling payment integration, personalized messages and marketing for merchants.
    payever reaches 1000 merchants
    payever Founders

    Finovate London Europe 2016

  • 2017 JUN
    Santander invests in the company
    After having doubled the amount of merchants in only 1 year, Banco Santander invested in payever, marking a historical date for the company as it had acquired yet another resourceful partner to expand its operations.
    payever reaches 2000 merchants
    payever Founders
  • 2017 OCT
    payever moves into new offices in Rodingsmarkt 20, Hamburg
    After 4 years since its birth, payever moved into a modern office in the heart of Hamburg overlooking the city.
    payever Founders
  • 2018
    5000 merchants in Germany, Sweden, Norway & Denmark
    This year payever reached yet another symbolic milestone as it reached 5000 merchants throughout 4 countries in Europe. In the upcoming years payever will look to grow in several more countries and continue its expansion throughout the globe.
    payever reaches 5000 merchants
    payever Founders
  • Today
    Launch of the new payever OS
    In November of this year payever will release its new and improved operating system, enabling merchants to use modular apps that allows entrepreneurs to have access to every single function required to run an online business, from setting up an online shop to integrating payments, shipping, communication and marketing. All in a single dashboard.
    payever Founders

Nuestros Productos

A new commerce OS, built from the ground up.

Con payever queríamos crear una manera intuitiva de conectar negocios con sus clientes. Ambas partes deben elegir un entorno abierto con herramientas útiles adaptadas a sus necesidades. El acceso debería de ser fluido, actualizado automáticamente asegurando una excelente experiencia cada día. Nuestra sencilla idea fue comenzar con el problema más critico para las empresas: Los pagos. Desde entonces hemos creado junto con la ayuda de nuestra creciente comunidad de apps la solución para ambas partes - El comprador y el vendedor.

Nuestros Inversores

We are strategically backed by Europe´s largest bank.

Únete a payever

Look back and say:
"I changed commerce forever."

Fundada en 2013 payever está cambiando la forma en la que la gente compra y vende. Afincada en Hamburgo, Alemania somos un equipo con más de 100 personas distribuidas por todo el mundo. Lo que significa que diseñamos, solucionamos bugs y respondemos a tus preguntas desde todas las partes del mundo.

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